Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hiya, Hello and Welcome Aboard. I’ve been thinking (which has been known to cause certain natural phenomenon to occur) that life is so much easier with some laughter thrown in. It’s like putting ketchup on your green beans (eggs for me). It covers up the icky taste and adds color to boot.

There are so many things that occur that you could cry, curse or take out a hit for, in life. My daughter let it be known that she was pregnant at 18 and still in high school. I gave her a big hug, cried for 5 minutes in private, proceeded to worry myself sick then realized there was a whole world to be had making fun of her growing belly. So I get a little kick out of telling her horror stories and what’s coming stories. Love the look of half horror and half disbelief on her face. In her/my defense she is a smart, beautiful girl who never believes a thing I say after I told her speckled eggs come from chickens with yeast infections.

Laughter..let it ring, peel, guffaw, roar, chuckle or chickle.  There’s a guy at work with the kind of laugh that makes you echoes through your head, causing your heart to palpitate. I  had my phone out to record him one day then thought better of it…it might be considered a felony to fellow laughers. But again, either way it comes out, laughter makes the world go round..

Most people will not commit violent crimes while’s hard to holdup a liquor store when you’re belly laughing. Laughter is yawning, but louder. Some say it adds years to your life..hell I’m wishing it helped erase wrinkles..I can buy the years.

When my mom died my dad kept telling people he had “lost” her. I looked at my sister and in my morbid sense of humor burst out laughing. Where the hell did he loose her? Aisle 4 at the grocery store? At the mall? Was there some kind of lost and found we could pick her up from? Very morbid..but it got my sis and I through that first day..


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