About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I like to write funny stories about everyday life events.  It’s my way of finding the silver cloud in the little irritations that make the rThe writer 2011oad a little bumpy.  I, like many women, wear many hats.  Listing a few: Wife, mother, friend, sister, nana, auntie, gov employee, miracle worker, understander of all things Residency related, peace talker, cigarette smoking, gum chewing, mac n cheese loving, military brat, military spouse, magical finder of all things lost, animal psychic, pet loving, artistically talented, compulsive, beach loving, sex kitten (lol), bee phobic, tarot reading woman.  I live in Washington State in a tiny town with no stop lights and three bars.  My kids are 11 and 21 with a 3-year old grandson that lives with us.  As a 3-cat, 2-dog, dozens-of fish/crab/frog owner, my house can resemble a petting zoo at times. 

I have enjoyed writing since I was little and at some point will focus long enough to write a short story or two.  My dream is the “novel” but that takes committment, focus, drive and ambition.  I’ll be meeting with focus first and deciding if she’s a good fit for the job.  Committment resigned and is in the process of suing me for damages.


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